Promises and Techno-Politics: Renewable Energy and Malmö’s Vision of a Climate-Smart City

Another article from my thesis has been published: Parks, D. (2019). Promises and Techno-Politics: Renewable Energy and Malmö’s Vision of a Climate-Smart City. Science as Culture. DOI:10.1080/09505431.2019.1705274 It is available online and will be published as part of a special issue later in 2020. The article is open access. AbstractMalmö aims to become Sweden’s most […]

The Struggles of Smart Energy Places

I published an article in the Annals of the American Association of Geographers, together with my former colleague Anna Wallsten: The Struggles of Smart Energy Places: Regulatory Lock-In and the Swedish Electricity Market The article is open access. Abstract Visions of smart energy systems are increasingly influencing energy systems around the world. Many visions entail […]

“From sustainable to smart”: New article in Geoforum

Another of the articles from my thesis is now published in Geoforum. From sustainable to smart: Re-branding or re-assembling urban energy infrastructure? The article is sadly locked behind Elsevier’s paywall because the article is not open access. However, I am happy to share the pre-print version: Abstract Visions of sustainable cities have increasingly been substituted […]

PhD Thesis

I published and defended my PhD thesis in June 2018: The Sustainable City Becomes Climate-Smart: How Smart City Ideas Reshape Urban Environmental Governance It is also available through Google Books. Abstract The idea of smart cities has become enormously popular during the past decade. Environmental governance is one issue in which smart city ideas seem to […]

First article: Energy efficiency left behind?

My first article was published in European Planning Studies: Energy efficiency left behind? Policy assemblages in Sweden’s most climate-smart city. The article is open-access. Abstract Smart city experiments have the potential to reshape urban climate change governance. Smart city initiatives have been supported by international technology companies and the European Union for many years and […]